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A guide to help organizational leaders create clarity in their vision, process in their work, and leave a lasting impact on people

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Entrepreneurs (and those who aspire to be) want to build a business or organization that creates impact and ultimately, succeeds.

But most businesses experience seasons of intense failure, with their leaders feeling lost, insecure, and frustrated.They move from one venture or idea to another, never realizing success or creating a legacy.

“There is a path to greatness,
It’s way, narrow and high.
Few are they who travel on it,
The few who find life.”

That’s why we created the Apply Rigor Matrix Video and PDF guide: to give you a plan that will carry you through failure to success, giving you the confidence to persevere through trials and experience success, ultimately creating a lasting impact on people, through your organization.

Applying rigor to your ideas means you are committed to building an impactful product & organization and -equally important- living a great life, with your family and friends.

When you follow the Apply Rigor Matrix, you’ll have confidence that the downturns, trials, and failures you face are normal stops on your journey to success and push-through, creating lasting impact.


The Apply Rigor Matrix was born out of the necessity for a guide, for clarity, in your past story and future journey of vision. We’ve seen visions die and a nonproductive, non-engaged workforce unfurl.

We’ve also seen visions materialize and organizational leaders stewarding their vision, helping the economy and others to flourish. They live a profoundly satisfying life, filled with hope, deep relationships around the world, and a deep walk with God.


One of the most challenging human events on the planet is catching your own personal vision believing in your vision then building and communicating that vision to the world around you but also communicating it to the world that doesn’t know you.

Most individuals never really get to the unveil, carry, communicate, or build their vision and almost no one ever sees their vision come to full maturity where they are stewarding their vision over multiple groups and platforms. Visionaries like The Wright Brothers, Bill Gates, Andy Stanley, Steve Jobs, Rick Warren, and Walt Disney are rare.


We’ll help walk you through the Apply Rigor Matrix, applying it to your life and your vision, through our (R7) Process. Get started by filling out the form below to get your own Digital copy of the Apply Rigor Matrix. On us.

(Or, feel free to reach out to us using our website:’s-chat.)

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As a business owner, entrepreneur, or organizational leader, I know you want direction, vision, and a clear, actionable plan, for your life and your business, so you can successfully enter and build the next part of your life.

Like most business leaders who are in or are entering a transition time, you’re probably struggling with a sense of lostness, confusion about what’s next, apathy for the future, and maybe, a sense of hopelessness.


Running from or denying these desires for direction, clarity, and a vision for your life, will create serious emotional and professional fallout.

It is a universal law that the human heart is designed for direction, to have a vision and a plan. You may have heard it said: “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

Without vision, your emotions, body, and mind will war against you, negatively affecting your focus at work, your ability to connect with others, and your family.

You’re probably experiencing:

  • Feelings of ‘lostness’

  • Confusion or anxiety about what’s next

  • Apathy towards your current career or situation

  • A mental fog, everywhere you go

  • Unexplainable weariness

  • Heaviness in your chest

  • Extra aches and pains in your back and joints

  • Poor sleeping habits

  • When you do sleep, you wake feeling groggy, as if you hadn’t

All the above are indicators that your soul is struggling without vision, without a hope and plan for your future, and the future of your business.


I know how you feel, but I’ve found a proven way to define direction and clarity in your life – I can show you how and walk with you.

I remember a deep desire to impact the world for good, to coach and help others; instead, I was spending 60+ hours a week sitting in a cubicle, dying inside, feeling the weight that I was designed for more, with purpose and significance.

I felt hopeless, depressed, and anxious over the future.

I found mentors and coaches that guided me to clarify a vision for my life.

A fire was lit in my heart, vitality and life flowed deep within, and, as I began to live out of my passions and the vision for my life, I found hope again.

I took everything they taught me, along with my personal experiences when applying their training, and created a plan called the (R7) process. I wanted to help others gain clarity and direction in their lives, just like I had.

(R7) is a guided journey of clarity, exploring your truest passions and gifts, to find the vision of your business, organization, and life.  Through this process, we’ve helped hundreds of business owners, CEOs, church leaders, and organizational leaders find direction, clarify their vision, and create an actionable plan for growth. Some of their stories are below.



Drew, the founder of Relentless Media & Defy Products, came to (R7) with a desire to tell a story through video.

At the time, he was the owner of a website design agency, unhappy, without any real plan to successfully transition from a website design agency to what he really wanted: a video production company.

Drew went through the (R7) process, applying every step, and left with a plan to pivot from websites to video production, grow his dream production company, and build high-end video camera products.

In His Own Words:

“When I was introduced to (R7), it seemed as if it was designed specifically for me. I quickly learned what I was truly passionate about and how to develop a PLAN, which was a word I rarely used.

This plan has been my guide and has been a pillar in building a very successful company, launching 3 offices and doubling our staff in less than 2 years.

My (R7) strategy has helped me pursue my dreams and goals as well as allowing me to pursue my biggest dream of helping others find their greatness.

Drew Janes, Founder of Relentless Media & Defy Products


“I want to thank Dave Jones with M is Good for taking me through his process. Dave really does unify excellence in the marketplace.

He helped me realize my passions and create my vision around those passions using my personality strengths while at the same time knowing how to avoid letting my tendencies slow my progress towards success.

I would recommend using Dave at any stage of business or life. With the (R7) process, he will reset you on your path to greatness!”

Jesse Boulerice, Former Carolina Hurricane

“If there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s a bunch of touchy, feely, self-actualization bunk. Well, Dave and his team are surely not that. Though they do help you uncover new and uncommon insights about yourself, it is done in a respectful, rigorous and systematic way.

For me, it was a hard process and one that I needed some cheerleading to get through. Dave did just that when he needed to but he also called me on the mat just as often. More than anything, (R7) helped me create clarity about where I’m going and what I want to accomplish in this gift of life.

I’m forever grateful to Dave for taking me through a process I would have NEVER done on my own and becoming a friend who I know I can trust and lean on as I journey ahead. Thanks Dave for creating a process and place for me to ‘reset’.”

Joe Schmidt, Former CMO of CafePress & Founder of Canvas on Demand

“The (R7) process is an invaluable resource for our leadership– helping us focus and execute during a period of rapid growth and change. I highly recommend M is Good as a partner to unlock the full potential in your people and your organization.”

Jon Jordan, Founder & CEO of Atlantic BT



Imagine if you, like Drew, knew the vision for your life, had a plan to accomplish it and were putting that plan into action.

Imagine living with a hope that energizes you during the day and gives you a deep, restful sleep at night. Imagine waking with a deep sense of purpose and direction, ready to tackle the day.

That is what it will feel like to have clarity for your life, direction for your business, and a plan to see trackable growth. Imagine the impact you’ll have with a clear focus.

(R7) will help you realize your passions and build the vision and direction for your life and business, around those passions.

Here’s what you get when you enroll in the (R7) Process:

  • A proven framework that creates clarity and a plan to guide growth in your life and business

  • Initial 2-Hour ‘Face-to-Face Destiny Session’ with me, Dave Jones

  • Accountability. 9 weeks of 30-Minute Destiny Follow-Up meetings with me

  • Direct access to me through email and phone

  • Coursework designed to guide and craft a plan for your life and business

  • Your unique Vision Statement, Mission Statement, Brand, and Core Values


Can you really continue on with life, your family, and your career, the way you’re feeling inside? What if the nagging of ‘there must be more to life’ doesn’t stop? What is the lack of focus, drive, and direction costing you now? What levels of success are they keeping you from?

Imagine if you had a clear, workable plan for your life. What if hope raged in your heart again, as you worked towards the vision and purpose of your life? What about a proven process for establishing and growing your business? How would this affect your family, your health, and your heart?

Lack of direction in your life is already costing you a great deal.


If you feel lost and know something needs to change, let’s talk about how (R7) will help you find direction. You’ll no longer wander through life wondering ‘what if’, but have a renewed confidence, clarity for your future, and an actionable plan to pursue your vision, dreams, and goals.

Get started using the button below.

Once we receive your contact submission, we’ll reach out to you to tailor the (R7) Process to your needs and discuss pricing.

Money-Back Guarantee: No need to worry, if (R7) doesn’t bring value to you, your business, or organization at the end of ten weeks, we’ll refund your money.