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I was visiting a local gym the other day and took a moment to watch a few gymnasts practice on the uneven bars.

A young gymnast gracefully cast to handstand --front giant-- pirouette to back giant -- clean layout flyaway and sticks it! Her elegance made it look easy!

The next gymnast was quite obviously less experienced and a bit shy. Struggling to cast to handstand, her face reddened, and I could feel her embarrassment.

In an attempt to make the gymnast feel feel more secure, a coach and two teammates ran around the gym, gathering as many unused mats as they could find. The other on-looking coaches weren’t thrilled about their commandeering all of the mats.

Stacking the mats underneath the bars, they formed a giant makeshift spotting wedge beneath the gymnast. While this makeshift wedge served its purpose of spotting the gymnast, problem was it had to be readjusted after every drill; and, rather than using their time to practice, two gymnasts were stuck holding the mats.

The gymnasts were getting antsy waiting for their turn and I could see tension was rising in the other coaches, waiting to use the mats.

I rubbed my forehead in frustration, “There is a smarter, better way to do this. This is only one exercise and it is affecting the entire gym!”

Good News: There IS a better way!

The Carolina Gym Supply  'Flip Smart Mat System' is your gym's "Swiss Army Knife" of gymnastics training aids.

Built like a transformer, the 9-piece Flip Smart Mat System can be customized to fit your training needs.

Watching coaches readjust mats after every drill looked draining, on both energy and time. The Flip Smart Mat System allows you to focus on efficient training by preventing sliding and the need for mat readjustment.

The rigid hook and loop fasteners on each component piece are to thank for that.

What if you could focus on efficient training for your gym and gymnastics teams? What if the time (and focus) expended finding and moving mats could be given entirely to those you're training?

The versatility of the Flip Smart Mat System helps coaches and gym owners create more efficient training progressions for their gymnasts.

At Carolina Gym Supply, our passion is supplying you, the Coach, Gymnast, or Gym Owner, with professional grade equipment and mats, so your gym can function at the optimum level.

We’ve supplied hundreds of gyms and collegiate gymnastics programs with high-quality, long-lasting mats and are dedicated to providing the best service in the industry.

Ben Edkins
CEO, Carolina Gym Supply

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P.P.S. - You can watch a quick video on the Flip Smart System here:

FCA22 / Announcement E-mail

The World of Youth Hockey Just Changed. Forever.

Yesterday marked a (historic) day in the history of youth hockey: the launch of FCA22.

It's a free, online guided study to help youth hockey players and their families grow spiritually throughout the hockey season, even if they can't make it to a physical church.

Church or Hockey? Not a simple issue...

Here's the truth: many Christian hockey families are struggling with the issue of church versus hockey. Weekends often mean intense travel and Wednesday nights mark team practice.

They've committed themselves to their team and skipping games leave their team short-handed; and, missing practices disrupts the deep camaraderie needed at a competitive level.

What message is being communicated to the parents and kids on the team, about God, about church, about loyalty, and about excellence?

This internal struggle often produces deep feelings of shame, guilt, and ambivalence. It shouldn't be this way.

Jesus offers freedom to those who would follow and trust Him - these feelings are opposite to the freedom He promises!

What to do about it? FCA22: Helping Families Grow Spiritually

FCA Hockey thought these families shouldn't have to make a choice between church and hockey (or, deal with guilt from making the distinction).

Their solution is a portable, easy to use, online study, with messages taught by Pro NHL players, coaches, and FCA Hockey staff. (Note: FCA Hockey knows this is NOT a substitute for church, but a temporary community for spiritual growth, while on the road.

Those who register will hear messages from: NHL Stanley Cup winner Matt Cullen, Two-time USHL Clark Cup winner Dallas Steward, ECHL Kelly Cup Winner Gary Steffes, NHL Defenseman Jaccob Slavin, and Two-Time U18 World Cup Champion Rocco Grimaldi.

Here's an excerpt from the announcement email, last month:

This twenty-two week journey is built around 5-7 minute messages, that you and your child can watch in the car, or on your way to games or practices. Each week you'll be fed spiritual food while traveling, with a week-specific video and written content that stimulates family dialogue.

Proud to grow the Kingdom of God

The M is Good team and myself are grateful to have had the opportunity of partnering with FCA Hockey to produce, build, and market FCA22.

We really believe FCA22 will change the face of Youth Hockey in America (and the World).

We Need Your Help

I encourage you check out the free study over at Even if you're not a hockey player, you will find encouragement. Go ahead and sign-up; it's free!

I also ask you to consider sharing this announcement on your social media channels, spreading the word about FCA22.

Thank you for all you do. Let's all make the world a little brighter today.


Dave Jones & The M is Good Team

P.S. / You can see the FCA22 platform and learn more about signing up for free, here: